16 April

Run In The Sun: Day 16

Day 16:

20.4 miles

Cross City to Chiefland

Given that we arrived at our hotel just before 10pm last night, we let ourselves sleep in this morning. It was glorious, and followed by a wonderful breakfast at the next-door diner.

I proceeded to spend about half an hour tending the new blisters on my feet that made their entrance after the crummy night of clammy camping that left my shoes wet to start my Day #13.

But, the route and distance today were a dream. Less than 21 miles, almost all of which were on a designated, paved nature trail for non-motorized users. I can’t even say how much this boosted my morale and augmented the experience today. I will be sure to look up more of these types of trails next time I make my way across Florida.


The morning was – dare I say – cold: below 50 degrees when we started out. And here we were, thinking that inland Florida would be hotter than the coast. It may just be a temporary cold front coming through, but honestly I’ll take it! Even if it means having to wear my sweatshirt sometimes.

The wind really picked up today, but we enjoyed the light breeze, as the foliage along the nature trail protected us from the worst wind. I’m telling you, this trail was a God-send.

Overall, my legs felt so much better today. I think that yesterday my legs were just plain, old-fashioned sore from two days prior, when I ran a much faster pace and used different muscles for those 26 miles. That’ll do it. So, today, the pain had largely subsided.

In fact, everything was better. I did have some foot aches and leg pain toward the end of today, but it was nothing like yesterday. And the day’s improvement over yesterday made it so much easier to make a necessary mental and emotional step away from the negative times and see them as a part of the bigger picture, giving us the chance to express more gratitude for each other’s company, and just for the opportunity of this adventure itself.


Today’s struggles paled. Yes, I had to rest/drain my feet up in the air (the blisters are really wearing on me). Yes, Kevin had to roll out some of my muscle groups.  Yes, I denied myself ice cream until we got to our final destination. But, don’t worry, I got four scoops of ice cream when I did get there (and don’t worry, in two installments, because that is more justifiable).


Oh, and wouldn’t you know it? Our hotel here in Chiefland is right next door to a Taco Bell!! I ate it while I sat in an ice bath:


Order of business today, post-run, was:

Ice cream
Hotel check-in
Roll out leg muscles
Taco Bell
Ice bath
Computer stuff
Blah blah blah

There is so much business to take care of each night! I apologize to anyone who has written to whom I have not replied; your communication has been so appreciated! I am just trying to keep up with this trip, physically and logistically.

Kevin and I have been so grateful for the words of encouragement, prayers and thoughts, and offers of support along the way. At times, it has been overwhelming. An email that came into my inbox just minutes after we hit the road this morning was sent from a long-time friend of mine and spoke right to our hearts; it was as if she were right there on the journey and knew just what we needed to hear to spark our motivation today… Kevin and I actually almost started tearing up because it was so touching.

All this is to say THANKS for continued support of this challenging journey. This is the final week, the final countdown, and these are the days when my body feels by far the most beat-up.
I will have to apply all my own motivational advice for the next 4 days. One step at a time, and blessed beyond belief, I will get to Daytona Beach!

But, I really can’t end this post without mentioning the two unmentionables: we saw 1 dirty diaper today, and saw only a handful of road kill animals, including this remarkably intact and cartoonly large armadillo (oh, the ears!):



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One response to “Run In The Sun: Day 16”

  1. Judy says:

    WOW That was the biggest armadillo I have ever seen and I have in FLA winters for the past 10 years!!

    You go guys! Ice cream looks good too. Not too many more days. You both are real troopers!

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