29 April

Post-Run Bliss

First, let’s start with a bit of reminiscing, via a video I made by which the Cakeholes will be enjoying looking back on this journey. It’s about 4.5-minutes long – enjoy!


Moving on, the day after the run, I was still limping somewhat severely all day and reveling in the fact that my limp didn’t matter. It didn’t matter because I had seemingly all the time in the world to heal and rest, and I certainly wouldn’t be running in the coming days… just hobbling here and there.

In other news, the day was full of awesome. As stressful as packing up and shipping a bike can be, there as a strong satisfaction in the closure that comes with wrapping up this arduous journey. Before we had even finished our free hotel breakfast, Uncle Milton had already acquired bike shipping boxes. We were well on our way to a great day. Break-down and box-up in the hotel parking lot:



In the process of packing things up, I had to laugh at all the bottles that had accumulated in our gear stroller mesh pouch:



From there, we went to peruse two iconic surf shops in Cocoa Beach, one of which was the world-famous Ron Jon Surf Shop. Uncle Milton found a visor with a built-in head of crazy hair, which expertly slicked back and modeled like a champ:


Then, we were off to lunch at Papa Vito’s, where the pizza slices were literally larger than my head. You did not hear me complaining! It was so delicious, and the quantity was spot on:



The beginning of the day’s wildlife sightings was a peacock casually crossing a boulevard right in front of us. No big deal, guys, no big deal:


Then, we headed to a pier out near Cape Canaveral. This pier was highly utilized by local fishermen and gapers like myself. As I limped down the pier, I took great delight in spotting the occasional sea turtle surfacing in the water, the even more rare manatee floating by, and the plethora of too-cool-for-school pelicans.

At one point, a fisherman accidentally hooked a sea turtle’s fin, so they raised it up with a net and let a couple of us hold it. I have to say – at the risk of sounding cheesy – that this was one of the coolest experiences of my entire life. To attempt to put it into words would bore you. The seamless transition between the hardness of the shell and the yielding flesh, the flapping of fins and then an acquiescence to being held. I could go on.



20140421_145931 CAM00232

We then headed out to Uncle Milt’s boat and relaxed. Lucky for me, I was serenaded for awhile by two amazing men on the guitar. We spent time with one of his neighbors, we chatted, and tried our hand at a flight simulator computer game.

IMG_2601 IMG_2602

After heading to a delicious dinner, he drove us to our airport hotel in Orlando in order to catch our early morning flight the next day.

We are so grateful for Uncle Milton: a welcoming presence as we finished our journey, a brilliantly helpful chauffeur, a delightfully fun host, a heart full of love and arms ready to hug.

Can’t wait to return for more a visit with a more leisurely time frame… and hopefully I won’t be reduced to a pitiful limp at that time!


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