15 April

Run In The Sun: Day 15

Day 15: 43.3 miles (say whaaattt??) Perry to Cross City Today is a day that I salute Kevin. For a lot of things, but mainly for being the one person with whom I would want to share all the ups and downs of a day like today: A day on which… … we wake up…

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14 April

Run In The Sun: Day 14

Rest days are good for a lot of things. While I spend most days active singletasking, rest days are for sedentary multitasking. Catching up on the blog, icing my troubled muscles, eating a lot, doing laundry, tending blisters and chafing, and vegging out. Oh, and they’re also really good for counting bug bites. For the…

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13 April

Run In The Sun: Day 13

Day 13: 26 miles Number of road kill seen today: 27 (more than the number of miles run!) From JR’s Aucilla Store between Newport and Perry to Perry proper No pictures taken today, as my phone/camera ran out of battery overnight. Between streaming an Archer episode, text messaging, and playing word games at 1:00AM because…

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12 April

Run In The Sun: Day 12

Day 12: 28.1 miles From between Panacea and Crawfordville to JR’s Aucilla Store between Newport and Perry (that’s a mouthful!) After a long, hard day yesterday, we let ourselves sleep in… we ended up getting 10 hours of much needed sleep. But, that also meant a late start to today’s run, especially after spending a…

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11 April

Run In The Sun: Day 11

Day 11: 32.3 miles Carrabelle to somewhere between Panacea and Crawfordville Early start this morning; it is refreshing to savor the cooler air, lower light, and less traffic. We stopped less than a mile from departure to stock up on a few groceries for lunches and camping dinners. I also snuck in some chocolate milk…

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11 April

Run In The Sun: Day 10

Day 10: 21.8 miles Apalachicola to Carrabelle A beautiful run today started by going through the cute coastal town of Apalachicola and sending 10 pounds of gear home. It’s crazy how much lighter the stroller feels, even though it seems marginal when it had been over 80 pounds altogether. Regardless, I enjoyed the change. Although beautiful…

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09 April

Run In The Sun: Day 9

Day 9: 21.7 miles Port St. Joe to Apalachicola We didn’t go to sleep until well after midnight last night, due to a late arrival, a change of time zone (yay eastern!), laundry to be done and ice cream to be eaten. Thus, we didn’t get up until quite late, took time at breakfast and getting…

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08 April

Run In The Sun: Day 8

Day 8: 37.2 miles Callaway to Port Saint Joe What a refreshing but taxing day. We were blessed with mostly great road conditions. Although we didn’t start running until almost 10am (had lots of blister first aid to attend to on Kevin’s feet), we made awesome progress right off the bat. We passed yet another huge BINGO…

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07 April

Run In The Sun: Day 7

Day 7: 0 miles (yay, rest!) Callaway, FL The need for a rest day just happened to coincide with a tornado watch, 45 mph gusts of (head)wind, and torrential downpours. Perfect. First of all, Kevin’s feet were pretty rough, due to blisters:   And seeing these outside our hotel confirmed a wonderful decision for the…

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06 April

Run In The Sun: Day 6

Day 6: 8.8 miles Panama City to Callaway A short day today, half walking, half running, intended as a recovery day. Boy, we needed it. Wearing our KEEN CNX shoes today for a refreshing change-up for our feet. The word to describe today is: death. Seriously, the entire time we were out on the road,…

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